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 Knight Surveillance Security, take great pleasure in introducing itself to you and offers you the services for the protection of your industries, organizations. Knight Surveillance Security, provide you trained security Guard highly disciplined, smart turned out physically fit, mentally alert, co-operative and trained in Fire-fighting, first aid and civil defense. No Matter how complex your security problems may appear, we can tackle them, we promises you not only efficient security arrangement but also prompt attention and best co-operation, as you will naturally accept nothing but the best our insistence on quality commences at the recruitment stage and continue thought. All the personnel deputed by us for duties at your premises shall be our employees and we shall be responsible for their salaries, P.F., ESI, uniform items and other fringe benefit provided. We receive the settled monthly charges from you on or before 10th of every succeeding month. We shall be responsible for overall control and supervisor of our staff while serving organization they will remain under administrative control. We shall be responsible for replacement of our personal in case of sickness, casual leave or advance for some reason without any extra charge under such replacement is sent. Our personal will be transferable as and when necessary in order to smarten and also to ensure that they do not get too much acquainted or familiar with other workers of your organization and also to them from getting into routing rule. It normally requires 12-15 days lead time from the date of signing to contact to provide security personnel required by the client, however, emergent requirement can-be met almost immediately. The tenure of our agreement or otherwise will be for a period of one year in the first instance and thereafter shall continue for any length of period or till either side intends to terminate by giving one months notice in writing to the party or paying one month’s total charges in lieu of the notice. You will not empty any member of our active staff of personnel in your organization or in any of your system concern either during the validity period of this agreement or for six months from the date of termination without our written consent.
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